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Sanaz Pooya: Pre-colloquium — Introduction to group C*-algebras

Time: Wed 2022-09-28 14.15 - 15.00

Location: AlbaNova, FD41

Participating: Sanaz Pooya (SU)

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Continuous functions on compact topological spaces are commutative C*-algebras. Groups and their actions on topological spaces can be employed to construct interesting non-commutative C*-algebras. These are known as group C*-algebras. In this talk, after a gentle introduction to C*-algebras, I will discuss various examples of group C*-algebras. Further, I will provide a brief historical account on the structure theory of group C*-algebras.

This is a pre-colloquium targeted towards master and PhD students as a preparation for Matthew Kennedy's colloquium talk  at 15:15.