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Anton Baranov: Nearly invariant subspaces in spaces of entire functions

Time: Wed 2020-02-05 13.15 - 14.14

Location: KTH, F11

Lecturer: Anton Baranov, Saint Petersburg State University


A subspace \(H_0\) of a Hilbert space \(H\) consisting of functions analytic in some domain is said to be nearly invariant if the function \(f(z)/(z-w)\) belongs to \(H_0\) whenever \(f \in H_0\) and \(f(w)=0\). In the talk we discuss the structure problem for nearly invariant subspaces of the Fock-type spaces of entire functions. The talk is based on a joint work with Alexandru Aleman (Lund University) and Yurii Belov (St. Petersburg State University).

Belongs to: Department of Mathematics
Last changed: Jan 30, 2020