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School activities

The mathematics department has long cooperated with secondary schools in Stockholm, in particular through the KTH Mathematics Circle. Most of this activity is now coordinated through the Stockholm Mathematics Centre.

Mathematics Club

The department, together with Stockholm University, is responsible for the Mathematics Club. This is an activity for middle school students, concentrated on problem solving ability.
Read more about the Mathematics Club (in Swedish)

Mathematics Circle

The department, together with Stockholm University, is responsible for the Stockholm Mathematics Circle. This is a popular activity for high school students.
Read more about the Stockholm Mathematics Circle
Read more about the KTH Mathematics Circle 1999–2015 (in Swedish)


The department accepts groups of students for their PRAO activity. Currently we limit this activity to one week during fall and one week during spring. We encourage groups of about 5 students and especially encourage female students to participate.

Linear algebra

The department offers a course in linear algebra for high school students. The course gives 50 credits.
Read more about the Linear algebra course (in Swedish)

Vetenskapens Hus (the House of Science)

Vetenskapens Hus is a collaboration between KTH and Stockholm University focusing on science outreach. The mathematical activities include laborations and supervision of high school diploma projects. The mathematics departments at KTH and Stockholm University are responsible for the development and implementation of these activities.
Read more about Vetenskapens Hus

Prepatory courses

Together with other universities, the mathematics department has developed prepatory courses in mathematics that bridge the gap between high school and university studies.
Information and registration to the preparatory courses (in Swedish)

Top education

In the fall of 2009, the government gave a few high schools the right to carry out top education programs (spetsutbildning). Europaskolan i Strängnäs  is one of these selected schools with top education in science. The top education in mathematics is developed in collaboration with the department of mathematics at KTH.

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Last changed: Feb 12, 2024