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Pedagogical awards to teachers at the Department of Mathematics

  • Lars Filipsson was awarded KTH:s pedagogical prize 2014.
  • Olof Heden was awarded the national ÅForsk prize for eminent contributions to engineering education in 2008.
  • Lars Filipsson was awarded "Teacher of the year" at KTH 2006.

Teacher of the year at various degree programs

Year Teacher Programme
2019 Tomas Ekholm Engineering Physics
2018 Jonatan Lenells Engineering Physics
2017 Tomas Ekholm Engineering Physics
2016 Fredrik Viklund Engineering and Education
2015 Jonatan Lenells
Jonatan Lenells
Engineering and Education
Engineering Physics
2014 John Andersson Engineering Physics
2011 Hans Ringström Engineering Physics
2010 Franz Cech Electrical Engineering
2009 Franz Cech
Olof Heden
Olle Stormark
Engineering Physics
Electrical Engineering
2008 Olof Heden Information and Communication Technology
2006 Karim Daho
Lars Filipsson
Engineering Physics
2005 Olof Heden Engineering Physics
2004 Olof Heden
Dan Matsson
Engineering and Education
Engineering Physics
2003 Bengt Ek
Lars Filipsson
Björn Gustavsson
Gunnar Johnsson
Börje Leander
Åke Lundin
Krister Svanberg
Computer Science and Engineering
Engineering Chemistry
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering and Urban Management
Engineering and Education
Vehicle Engineering
2002 Franz Cech Information and Communication Technology
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