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Second cycle courses, academic year 2024-2025


Code Course name Examiner Program Period Lecturer
SF2704 Selected Topics in Mathematics I (7.5 hp)              
SF2716 Selected Topics in Mathematics II (7.5 hp)              
SF2717 Mathematics, Advanced Course (6 hp)   CLGYM4          
SF2718 Mathematics for Chemists (6 hp)   CLGYM4
SF2719 The History of Mathematics (6 hp)   CLGYM5          
SF2720 Chaotic Dynamical Systems (7.5 hp)   TMAKM1
SF2722 Differential Geometry (7.5 hp)   TMAKM1
SF2725 The History of Mathematics (7.5 hp)              
SF2741 Enumerative Combinatorics (7.5 hp)   TMAKM1
SF2743 Advanced Real Analysis I (7.5 hp)              
SF2744 Advanced Real Analysis II (7.5 hp)              
SF2956 Topological Data Analysis (7.5 hp)              

Mathematical statistics

Code Course name Examiner Program Period Lecturer
SF2701 Financial Mathematics, Basic Course (7.5 hp)              
SF2930 Regression Analysis (7.5 hp)              
SF2935 Modern Methods of Statistical Learning (7.5 hp)              
SF2940 Probability Theory (7.5 hp)              
SF2942 Portfolio Theory and Risk Management (7.5 hp)              
SF2943 Time Series Analysis (7.5 hp)              
SF2955 Computer Intensive Methods in Mathematical Statistics (7.5 hp)              
SF2957 Statistical Machine Learning (7.5 hp)              
SF2971 Martingales and Stochastic Integrals (7.5 hp)              
SF2972 Game Theory (7.5 hp)              
SF2975 Financial Derivatives (7.5 hp)              
SF2980 Risk Management (7.5 hp)              

Numerical analysis

Code Course name Examiner Program Period Lecturer
SF2524 Matrix Computations for Large-scale Systems (7.5 hp)              
SF2525 Computational Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations and Machine Learning (7.5 hp)              
SF2526 Numerical algorithms for data-intensive science (7.5 hp)              
SF2527 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations I (7.5 hp)              
SF2528 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations II (7.5 hp)              
SF2529 Inverse Problems (7.5 hp)              
SF2565 Program Construction in C++ for Scientific Computing (7.5 hp)              
SF2567 Project Course in Scientific Computing (7.5 hp)              

Optimization and systems theory

Code Course name Examiner Program Period Lecturer
SF2812 Applied Linear Optimization (7.5 hp)              
SF2822 Applied Nonlinear Optimization (7.5 hp)              
SF2832 Mathematical Systems Theory (7.5 hp)              
SF2842 Geometric Control Theory (7.5 hp)              
SF2852 Optimal Control Theory (7.5 hp)              
SF2863 Systems Engineering (7.5 hp)              
SF2866 Applied Systems Engineering (7.5 hp)              
SF2868 Systems Engineering, Business and Management, Part 1 (7.5 hp)