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Second cycle courses, academic year 2018-2019


Preliminary information.

Code Course name Credit Period
 1   2   3   4 
SF2717 Mathematics, Advanced Course 6 hp   CLGYM4
SF2718 Mathematics for Chemists 6 hp   CLGYM4
SF2719 The History of Mathematics 6 hp CLGYM5  
SF2720 Chaotic Dynamical Systems 7.5 hp    
SF2722 Differential Geometry 7.5 hp    
SF2723 Topics in Mathematics III 7.5 hp    
SF2725 The History of Mathematics 7.5 hp    
SF2741 Enumerative Combinatorics 7.5 hp    
SF2743 Advanced Real Analysis I 7.5 hp    

There are also advanced courses in Mathematics at Stockholm university.

  • Fall 2018
    • MM8019 Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
    • MM7020 Mathematical communication
    • Several Complex Variables
  • Spring 2019
    • MM8002 Topology
    • MM8005 Galois Theory
    • MM8039 Advanced Real Analysis II
Belongs to: Department of Mathematics
Last changed: Dec 04, 2017