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Second cycle courses, academic year 2021-2022


Code Course name Examiner Program Period Lecturer
SF2705 Fourier Analysis (7.5 hp) Maurice Duits TMAKM1         Maurice Duits
SF2717 Mathematics, Advanced Course (6 hp)   CLGYM4          
SF2718 Mathematics for Chemists (6 hp)   CLGYM4
SF2719 The History of Mathematics (6 hp)   CLGYM5          
SF2723 Selected Topics in Mathematics III (7.5 hp) John Andersson Misc.         John Andersson
SF2724 Selected Topics in Mathematics IV (7.5 hp) Svante Linusson Misc.         Svante Linusson
SF2725 The History of Mathematics (7.5 hp)   Misc.          
SF2728 Number Theory (7.5 hp) Lilian Matthiesen Misc.         Lilian Matthiesen
SF2740 Graph Theory (7.5 hp) Johan Håstad TMAKM1
        Johan Håstad
SF2743 Advanced Real Analysis I (7.5 hp) Kristian Bjerklöv TMAKM1
        Kristian Bjerklöv
SF2745 Advanced Complex Analysis (7.5 hp) Jonatan Lenells TMAKM1
        Jonatan Lenells
SF2956 Topological Data Analysis (7.5 hp)   Misc.