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Bachelor thesis in mathematics

The department of mathematics supervises bachelor theses in pure and applied mathematics. Information for students can be found in the Swedish version .

Bachelor theses

J. Stenharg and M. Räisänen, "Factor analysis of the growth of startups," , 2022.
S. Sebastian Malmgren and M. Hammaréus, "FACTORS DRIVING RESIDENTIAL PRICES IN BOSTON IN THE 1980’S.," , 2022.
M. Hamadi and B. Vashchuk, "Factors that affect how much women and men invest," , 2022.
O. Myrgård and E. Römpötti, "Inequality in Executive Compensation," , 2022.
H. Holmberg and A. Palmqvist, "Lagerstyrning för Nordströms," , 2022.
A. Walaker Edman and I. Korkmaz, "Portföljoptimering med Fastigheter," , 2022.
K. Dahlström and C. Forssbeck, "A Model for Estimating Short Interest," , 2021.
A. Irell Fridlund and I. Cederberg, "Faktorer som påverkar värdet för småhus i Stockholms län," , 2021.
E. Blomqvist and J. Legernes, "How Product Properties Drive Wine Sales in Norway," , 2021.
M. Eriksson and W. Seth Wenzel, "Modellering och optimering av verksamheten på Mat AB," , 2021.
S. Ekström and C. G. Westman, "Portfolio Optimization: An Evaluation of Risk and Return," , 2021.
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