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Bachelor thesis in mathematics

The department of mathematics supervises bachelor theses in pure and applied mathematics. Information for students can be found in the Swedish version .

Bachelor theses

O. Eskils and A. Backman, "A Predictive Analysis of Customer Churn," , 2023.
J. Haraldsson and H. Haraldsson, "Coronapandemins påverkan på bostadsmarknaden i Stockholm," , 2023.
E. Hellgren and S. Tegborg, "ESG and Returns in Listed Environments," , 2023.
K. Andersson and I. Lagerman, "Regressionsanalys För Värdering Av Företag," , 2023.
C. Öberg and N. Moro, "Staff Shortage on SJ Trains," , 2023.
J. Wijk and P. Hidmark, "What are the main drivers of gold price?," , 2023.
J. Stenharg and M. Räisänen, "Factor analysis of the growth of startups," , 2022.