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STAR - cutters work situation (styckarnas arbetssituation) - an interactive research program for industry support and development of measures

Currently there are major changes in the meat industry and some of the largest companies in Sweden have recently been taken over by foreign owners. There is a strong price competition for fresh meat between all cutting companies, and a with a strong import pressure. Since cutters have been one of the professions that are most subject to accidents and occupational disease, The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) has set requirements for the companies in the cutting industry, in terms of inspection notice/financial penalty.


The Swedish Meat Industry Association (Kött och Charkföretagen, KCF) has initiated a project with the purpose of improving the work environment for cutters, as well as creating better conditions for the cutting work in Sweden. A partnership has been created between the KCF, the Swedish Food Workers’ Union (Livsmedelsarbetareförbundet, Livs), the food federation (Livsmedelsföretagen Li), KTH and Jönköping Technical University (JTH).

The project aims to contribute to the development of the industry towards better working conditions and reduced risk of work-related ill-health among cutters, while accounting for a steady and efficient production. More specifically, the intention is to help initiating, developing and implementing actions and solutions that improve the work environment for cutters and thus reduces the risk of work-related injuries. Measures shall be practically useful for cutting companies in Sweden, include beef and pork and apply to both large and small companies.

The project is based on cooperation between the parties in the cutting companies and the scientists, and it is important to develop the practice and that the project leads to practical measures. The development is led by a steering committee and the project includes four workgroups for technology, work organization, work environment and individual factors.


Steering committee

The joint steering committee consists of three employer representatives and three employee representatives, and includes the following persons:

  • Chairman, Ake Rutegård, CEO of KCF
  • Jörgen Eklund, KTH.
  • Lennart Claesson, SCAN
  • Thomas Ostlund, Stockholms Butikskött
  • Anders Lundbladh, Ugglarps
  • Michael Lothar, Livs
  • Bo Blomdahl, Livs
  • Håkan Persson, Livs


Final report from STAR (in Swedish) (pdf 131 kB)

Supplements, all publications (in Swedish) (pdf 14.8 MB)

The project was started with the support of KCF and it received financial support from AFA Försäkring until 30 June 2011.


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Kjerstin Vogel