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Produktionslyftet (production initiative) - Lean in medium-sized manufacturing companies

Organizations and organizational concepts are spread between different countries and cultures, and this is certainly true for the American management concept Lean Production which is strongly inspired by the way Japanese car companies organize their production.

The purpose of the research project is to monitor and analyse the experiences from Produktionslyftet, a national program with the operational objective to support the implementation of Lean production in medium-sized manufacturing companies. The project’s target is to increase the efficiency of Swedish industry and create a national structure for production development, using Lean as model. Within the program the companies have access to working practices, training, seminars, exchange of experiences and expert assistance.

One study evaluates the program's organization and management, steering committees, program management and ownership at the national and regional level. In another study focus lies on the effects of the change in the companies participating in the program. Some relevant questions for the second study are how companies receive, interpret and operationalize the Lean model. What do the companies focus on in the model, and introduce in their activity? How are different stakeholders such as shareholders, customers and staff affected? What problems and obstacles are encountered? What role does the union have in this work?

These types of questions can also be summarized in the question of how companies can organize the work with Lean to achieve sustainable development when implementing Lean, so that it does not become just one of many temporary investments.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Helix Vinnova Excellence Centre at Linköping University.


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