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Constellations at The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

NAVET funded project utrumque presents an installation in the NIME 2020 online installations exhibition.

Time: Tue 2020-07-21 - Sat 2020-07-25


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For the NIME 2020 conference, the NAVET supported project utrumque presents an online installation that can be accessed here:

Constellations​ is an emergent, self-organising, public global sound art piece. It is an online installation that connects the visitors and the involved electro-acoustic transducers, digital devices, places, and acoustic environments in a network that mutates with every visitor who joins or leaves it. The installation consists solely of its visitors. With only one visitor the installation is silent. By connecting and shaping the acoustic flow of energy, and by guiding it towards feedback, the system goes from being complex to being unpredictable.

The distributed model of the network and the localized forms of listening make it impossible to even attempt to control the experience for an individual connected visitor. Instead, the visitors are welcome to explore and shape the system’s behavior by becoming a sounding and listening node in the network, putting whatever they want in the feedback loop on their local end. Participants can choose to be quiet or actively contribute sounds to be dispersed in the network, but the act of connecting one’s acoustic space to the others is already a contribution that will affect everyone’s experience.

Constellations i​ s both a subversion and a repurposing of web communication technology in order to create conditions for the indeterminate emergence of non-hierarchical structures.

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Last changed: Jul 24, 2020