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RFC:675:08 at Nobel Week Lights

RFC:675:08 is a visual installation at the intersection of science & art for the Nobel Week of Lights. The installation unveils the intangible, high-frequency Internet traffic going in and out of Stockholm, in real-time.

Time: Sat 2020-12-05 - Sun 2020-12-13


RFC:675:08 receives the Internet traffic that comes in ad out of Stockholm, in real time. This is an extraordinary amount of data about where Stockholm connects, where it is accessed from, when it it is connected or for how much data.

In order to let citizens experience this massive, yet invisible traffic that comes in and out of the city, RFC:675:08 showcases this amazing digital activity in 7 movements.

In the span of an 8-minute visual, light performance, citizens experience the Internet traffic through the lens of origin and destination locations world-wide, the speed and frequency, the amplitude and the protocols. All these dimensions of Internet communication characterize the key role that Internet plays to feed news, finances, entertainment, knowledge, science and innovation in Stockholm.
The installation combines information, data and abstract audiovisual representations of real-time traffic, creating an emotional bound between Stockholm citizens and the invisible, continuous connection of the city and the cyber-world. This artwork unveils the data transmitted from Stockholm to the world through the internet Transmission Control Protocol and its interface to programs or citizens that require its services.
The installation opens and closes with brief presentations and credits, and each movement is announced with a transition scene. Below, we provide the intention of each movement's content. The visual presentation for each movement conveys the idea that the visuals are built on a top of an uninterrupted, intangible stream of Internet data.


At the heart of Stockholm, on the Kungsgatan LED screen, Kungsgatan 40.


From December 5 to 13, 2020
RFC:675:08 runs for 8 minutes, every hour, on the hour, from 6h to 22h

Belongs to: NAVET
Last changed: Dec 04, 2020