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Välkomna Batch 7!

Det var hård konkurrens om platserna i KTH Innovations förinkubatorprogram, men efter heta diskussioner kan vi nu presentera de 12 spännande startups som går in i Batch 7.

Från miljövänliga hjälmar till bildigenkänning inom sportfotografi representerar de många olika bakgrunder och tekniska lösningar. Gemensamt har de sin koppling till KTH och en vilja att accelerera under det kommande året. Läs om Batch 7 här, eller följ länkarna till vänster för mer information! 

RoboTest   enables their clients to release high quality software to market quickly, by integrating explainable AI (machine learning) algorithms into the DevOps environment, taking QA from brake to turbo.

CareIDy  provides a novel life saving technique to handle health information. Unlike the current standard solutions we offer a personalized, super low cost and real time digital health identification solution in a highly secure way.

Ellure  is for anyone who is searching for the perfect match of color, texture, and ingredients, Ellure is an eco-friendly way to deliver custom-made make-up in real-time. Setting them apart from the current industry, they embrace diversity and protect the environment.

Talentship helps students demonstrate their potential and passion in areas demanded by companies. Unlike LinkedIn, you prove your competence instead of just claiming it.

Kadroo isfor active engineers who would rather discover their possibilities than spending time writing cover letters, Kadroo matches you with opportunities according to your qualifications and dreams.

LocalSound  is a digital platform for booking live music artists for events – a complete solution for discovering, booking and paying. Making live music easy and more accessible than ever before.

Lokatt Helmets  is for the skilled mountain explorer who actively speaks up for the environment, and demands cutting-edge protective gear, giving the rider the ability to make a pro-environmental statement without compromising on safety, comfort or style. Unlike their main competitors, Lokatt provides a helmet that is almost entirely made from bio-based materials, yet with high performance.

Meet  is a dating app that lets singles find dates in minutes.Say goodbye to Tinder’s aimless swiping and empty chat windows.

Previs  develops visual prototypes, essential for planning the production of movies or other audiovisual works. Our platform enables film teams to establish an artistic vision in relation to budget and creative ambition.

Slopti  offers a platform for capital owners in closely held companies,to find the optimal ratio between salary, dividend, and pension to maximize the net income. Unlike large old firms, they offer an easy to understand solution and charge a fraction.

Tagframe  provides an AI-solution that detects and reads bib numbers in endurance races. Our deep-learning software enables distribution of hundreds of thousands of photos within hours instead of weeks.

Zifro  is a complete teaching aid offering a friendly coding environment for the students and for teachers that will teach programming due to the curriculum changes, No one else offers the combination of curriculum alignment and a playful learning experience. 

During one year, these exciting startups will get individual business coaching, participate in regular workshops and get access to office space on campus, all the while develoing as entrepreneurs.