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KTH Innovation Industry Day with Scania

A truck driving down a road
One example of innovation at Scania is the solar-powered truck project. The aim is to develop a truck whose electrical propulsion is generated by the vehicle’s own solar cells. Picture by Scania.

Welcome to KTH Innovation Industry Day, an opportunity to hear how leading industrial companies work with innovation, collaborate with startups, and what challenges they face in their business. On 18 October, Scania will visit Teknikringen 1.

Tid: On 2023-10-18 kl 11.30 - 13.00

Plats: Teknikringen 1

Språk: English

Medverkande: Representatives from Scania & KTH Innovation

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Hear from Scania

Learn how Scania operates and how they enable innovation within their organization. Gain insights on current business and technology trends, and learn about current challenges needing innovative solutions. Scania will also share how they work with startups today, including a case study.


Lunch will be provided.

Individual meetings for startups

A limited number of preselected startups from KTH will get the chance to sit down for a 1-1 meeting with Scania representatives to explore future possibilities for collaboration.

If you have an existing startup that you think would be of interest to Scania, please complete this form  and we will get in touch (there are limited spots).


  • 11:30: Registration, lunch and informal mingle
  • 12:00: Welcome by KTH Innovation
  • 12:10: Presentation from Scania, including: 
    • Corporate overview
    • How they work with startups, including a case study
    • Industry trends, challenges and opportunities
    • Audience questions
  • 13:00: Informal follow-ups and mingle. Individual meetings with preselected KTH startups.


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