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Science, the arts and engineering - dialogues and co-creative methods between KTH and Färgfabriken

This seminar draws on experiences from collaboration between researchers and artists in the exhibition called “Symbiosis” that opened in August 2021 at the art institution Färgfabriken.

Time: Mon 2022-12-05 13.15 - 14.45

Location: Teknikringen 74D, level 5, big seminar room

Language: English

Participating: Katarina Larsen, Timos Karpouzoglou & David Nilsson, KTH & Åsa Cederqvist, Färgfabriken

Before the seminar:

Link to download the App ”The Essence” developed by the team of Åsa Cederqvist, in dialogue with The Spirit of Water, Färgfabriken Art Center and the research project NATURE at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Download the app since this will be used in a seminar activity (together with QR-code you will get at the seminar):

Bring your headphones!

Please bring your headphones so you can get the audio-visual experience!

Ta gärna med er hörlurar så ni kan få den audio-visuella upplevelsen!

“We want to start a discussion about how art can act as a catalyst to raise important scientific issues in society. It is an exciting interface where we want to create a dialogue between artists, researchers and visitors around visual stories, scientific concepts and engineering solutions for water. This is what we have worked with in NATURE and with Färgfabriken, to create a place for that dialogue through the exhibition Symbiosis.” (Larsen 2021).

The collaboration raised many questions, for example about how collaborative work between scientists and artists can create space for co-creation as a tool for managing complex challenges in search for robust solutions. We will also share experiences and reflections on the creative processes and visual methods, and how they can create space for reflection on historical narratives of local solutions and engage in dialogue with citizens, policymakers, engineers and KTH-students (as the next generation of planners and engineers).

During the seminar, the participants will have the opportunity to interact with an artwork “The Essence” developed by artist Åsa Cederqvist, in dialogue with the art institution Färgfabriken, and the NATURE-project at KTH. See below for link to download the App.

Links to further reading, online material, blog-posts and link to the App “The Essence”:

”Urban water imaginaries in exhibition - co-creative dialogues between science, art, and engineering” ABE-school newsletter, interview with Katarina Larsen (Larsen 2021)

”Does water have a soul? Voices and reflections from the Symbiosis exhibition”


Symbiosis exhibition at Färgfabriken:

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