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New urban waterfront solutions for resilient Stockholm and digital exhibition

from the SOS Climate Waterfront workshop

Published Nov 29, 2022

Earlier this spring, the EU-initiative SOS Climate Waterfront gathered a group of scholars from Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Poland to develop new ideas for urban waterfront areas in Stockholm, including areas of Lövholmen, Frihamnen and Värtahamnen. The interdisciplinary teams included urban planners, historians, architects and landscape architects, to mention some examples. The visual material developed during the workshop has resulted in a digital exhibition and blog-post presenting ideas from the SOS Climate Waterfront workshop in Stockholm

Text by Katarina Larsen

New urban waterfront solutions for resilient Stockholm. Developed by a team of scholars visiting Stockholm and KTH working with ideas for renewal and climate adaptation in the area of Lövholmen. See blogpost published by the KTH Water Centre:

Visit the digital exhibition describing team’s work during the workshop. Developed by Intercult, collaborating with KTH in the project, see link:

New opportunities to participate in SOS Climate Waterfront workshop in 2023

We also invite interested candidates (including PhDs or junior scholars at KTH, School of Architecture and the Built Environment) to get in touch if they are interested to attend upcoming workshops in the project. Starting with the workshop taking place in Italy, Rome, in the end of January 2023.

Contacts at KTH, ABE-school