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The Mediated Planet presents NordAI Spring seminar series 2022: AI and Environment

The 2022 NordAI spring seminars on AI and environment is curated by Adam Wickberg and Tirza Meyer from the Mediated Planet Research Group at KTH. The series feature contributions from leading scholars working with AI at the interface between the human and non-human world, exploring the question of what constitutes the environment through the lens of artificial intelligence.



June 2nd, 13.00
Jussi Parikka, writer, media theorist and professor in Digital Aesthetics & Culture at Aarhus University
Design and Aesthics of Environmental Data

Past seminars:

 February 1st, 14.00
Christer Andersson, analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden.
AI and analysis of environmental data: a perspective from the Swedish defence researchers?

March 29th, 13.00
Bill Adams, Emeritus Moran Professor of Conservation and Development and Emeritus Fellow of Downing College.
The Digital Animal and Conservation by Algorithm

May 5th, 14.00
Jennifer Gabrys, Chair in Media, Culture and Environment in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge.
Smart forests

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