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Urban climate challenges at the waterfront – workshop within EU-initiative S.O.S. Climate Waterfront

Published Jun 15, 2022

Cities are facing new challenges with consequences of climate change affecting cities in many ways today and also on a longer time scale. During four weeks in May-June, six teams with researchers from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Poland have been working together with researchers and students at KTH to develop ideas and designing solutions for managing urban climate challenges.

The teams have looked at three sites in Stockholm, including Lövholmen, Frihamnen and Värtahamnen focusing on future possibilities for creating solutions that incorporate consequences of climate change and also designing solutions that are aligned with mitigation as well as adaptation to climate change in urban settings. The group of international scholars have also visited urban areas and draw on experiences in Stockholm from planned developments, including The Royal Seaport, Lövholmen and Liljeholmskajen, and Hammarby sjöstad. At KTH they have also presentations by the City of Stockholm, SMHI and also had the chance to take a guided tour on the history, art and architecture at KTH-campus area and visit the Architecture building hosted by Ass Prof. Erik Stenberg and presentation of student project by Thelma Dethlefsen.

After the four-week workshop the teams will present their work om Friday 17 June here at KTH. Friday 9-13, in room U41 (Utbildningshuset). Presentations will also be shared on zoom so if you are interested to hear more, please contact the organizers. Contacts at KTH from ABE-school are Katarina Larsen. Div. History of Science, Technology and Environment and Lina Suleiman, Urban and Regional Studies.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange and share experiences between European cities to find new strategies and solutions for meeting new (and sometimes unexpected) challenges in European cities with focus on urban waterfront areas.

See website for more information on SOS Climate Waterfront