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Kitchen talk 19 April 2023

By: Katarina Larsen, researcher at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment

Published Apr 20, 2023

"New actors' perspectives with the municipality as a catalyst: third place dilemmas and digital infrastructure to meet climate challenges"

Mistra SAMS Kitchen Talks is a series of informal webinars where we present ongoing research from the program and our partners. The talks are in English.

Work hubs bring many different expectations from various actors in the public and private sector. This in turn creates new roles for city players to act as catalysts in the process of developing new ways of traveling as well as non-travelling through work hubs combined with digital services.

At this seminar, we will discuss experiences from a workshop held with municipal actors about the emergence of new roles in relation to work hubs. Some themes are: prerequisites and expectations for creating new ways of working in a third place (outside home and work); reducing traffic jams and congestion; flexible solutions for employees; dialogue about digital infrastructure and the future innovative solutions to meet climate challenges.