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Dissertations completed at the Division of Affinity Proteomics.

Name Year Dissertation
Sara Mravinacova 2024 On the analysis of protein profiles in neurodegenerative diseases  
August Jernbom Falk 2023 On the analysis of antibody repertoires
Shaghayegh Bayati 2023 Autoantibody profiling in autoimmune diseases
Sofia Bergström 2021 Multiplexed antibody-based protein profiling in the pursuit of CSF biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases
Tea Dodig-Crnković 2020 On the application and validation of multiplexed affinity assays
Julia Remnestål 2020 Dementia Proteomics
David Just 2019 On the profiling of autoantibodies in psychiatric disorders
Maria Mikus 2018 Array-based identification of disease-associated proteins
Philippa Reuterswärd 2018 Development of array systems for molecular diagnostic assays
Kimi Drobin 2018 Antibody-based bead arrays for high-throughput protein profiling in human plasma and serum
Arash Zandian 2017 Array-based Autoantibody Profiling and Epitope Mapping
Sanna Byström 2017 Affinity assays for profiling disease-associated proteins in human plasma
Ronald Sjöberg 2015 On Generation and Applications of High-Density Protein Microarrays
Anna Månberg (Häggmark) 2015 Neuroproteomic profiling of human body fluids
Burcu Ayoglu 2014 Affinity Arrays for Profiling Proteins and Autoantibody Repertoires
Ulrika Qundos 2013 Antibody based plasma protein profiling
Maja Neiman 2013 Bead based protein profiling in blood
Mårten Sundberg 2011 Protein microarrays for validation of affinity binders