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  Last Name First Name Title Phone
Andersson Eni Research Engineer
Olofsson Jennie Research Engineer
Dahl Leo Doctoral student
Nilsson Peter Professor, Head of Division +46 8 790 98 58
Bendes Annika Doctoral student
Skoglund Lovisa Research Engineer
Pin Elisa Researcher
Andersson Sarah Research Engineer
Månberg Anna Researcher
Lindgren Stauch William Research Engineer
Sjöberg Ronald Head of Unit, Researcher +46 8 790 98 19
Mravinacová Sára Doctoral student
Falk Jernbom August Researcher
Hellström Ceke Research Engineer
Dale Matilda Research Engineer
Bergström Sofia Researcher
Sahi Maryam Research Engineer
Schwenk Jochen Professor +46 8 790 98 69
Fredolini Claudia Head of Unit, Researcher