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Master, Bachelor and Erasmus projects

Master, Bachelor and Erasmus projects completed at the Division of Affinity Proteomics.

Student Year Project
Anna Gardell 2024 Dried Blood Spot Measurements of Lung-Specific Proteins – A BAMSE Cohort Study
Edvin Ljungqvist 2024 Longitudinal Multi-Disease Serology Profiling
Hampus Hagelin 2024 Computational analysis of the circulating proteome in breast cancer
Maria Aspenberg 2024 Profiling of Autoimmune Autoantibody Biomarkers in Systemic Sclerosis and Vasculitis
Nina de Vita 2024 Protein profiling within amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Axelina Schmidt 2023 Exploring IGF interactions in the context of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Ionela Madac  2023 Microsampling and point of care devices in biomarkers monitoring
William Stauch 2023 Analysis of fertility-related proteins in dried blood spot samples
Amelie Vogt 2022 Versatile immunoassays for biomarker quantification in home-samples blood
Federica Ress 2022 Detection and exploration of the systemic sclerosis autoantibody repertoire by data-driven approaches
Sarah Andersson 2022 Profiling host proteins in the envelope of SARS-CoV-2 viral particles
Alfred Kedhammar 2021 Investigating the autoimmunity profiles of Covid-19 patients
Emmie Pohjanen 2021 Profiling the autoantibody repertoire in systemic sclerosis
Hugo Hammar 2021 Development of ultra-sensitive immunoassays for low abundance biomarkers in human plasma
Paul Boulouednine  2021 Proteomic analysis of enveloped viruses
Vincent Albrecht 2021 A proteomics journey on methods and approaches to tackle COVID-19
Jamil Yousef 2020 Development of Sandwich Assays for Potential Protein Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Leo Dahl 2020 Stratification of breast cancer patients by applying advanced bioinformatics methods to plasma proteomics data
Lovisa Skoglund 2020 Method development for enrichment of autoantibodies from human plasma
Sofia Kagioglu 2020 Development of a bead-based assay to detect intact viral particles.
Svenja Wingerter 2020 Advanced glycopeptide profiling for targeted SARS-CoV-2 serology
Julius Lautenbach 2019 Analysis of protein interaction in plasma derived from network analysis
Aikaterini Kaltsa 2018 GAP43 as a potential biomarker for neurodegeneration
Annika Anderson 2018 Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) mass spectrometry for protein biomarkers verification in neurodegenerative disorders
August Jernbom Falk 2018 Exploring novel autoantibodies within Alzheimer's disease
Pablo San Segundo Acosta 2018 Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease Serum for the Identification of Autoantibody Biomarkers
Philip Andersson 2018 Microarray-Based Systems for the Analysis of Cancer Associated Autoantibodies
Jennie Olofsson 2017 Autoantibody profiling in ALS plasma
Matilda Dale 2017 Autoimmunity profiling of auto-reactive antibodies in plasma of patients with pancreatic diseases
Annika Bendes 2016 Protein profiling of cell lysate using suspension bead arrays
Francis Cavallo 2016 Autoantibody profiling in schizophrenia
Isabelle Lilja 2016 Autoantibody profiling: a prognostic tool for progression of COPD in healthy heavy smokers
Lucas Bremer 2016 Designing and characterising a dual format antigen protein microarray for autoimmune profiling
Marina Ioannou   2016 Translational proteomics for protein biomarkers in blood: Linking affinity based assays with mass spectrometry
Sofia Bergström 2016 Kidney disease-related protein profiling
Helene Bordelet  2015 Hydrogel nanoparticles to enhance quantification of low abundant, low molecular weight proteins in plasma.
Kristin Stirm 2015 Affinity Proteomics application of the multiplexed immunoassay DigiWest for the analysis of ovarian carcinoma tissue and plasma
Tea Dodig-Crnkovic 2015 Proteomic profiling of sera in elderly twins
Cecilia Hellström 2014 Reverse phase protein array for serum and plasma profiling
Philippa Reuterswärd 2013 Development of dual capture assays for antibody suspension bead arrays
Arash Zandian 2012 A pilot study using antigen microarrays to identify putative autoimmunity targets in psychiatric disorders
Atefeh Mohsenchian 2012 Biomarker discovery in ALS by affinity proteomics
David Solomon 2012 Discovery and verification of osteoporosis associated plasma proteins 
Maria Mikus 2012 Discovery of biomarkers for drug-induced liver injury using affinity proteomics
Nick Nyaiesh 2012 Affinity profiling of candidate serological protein markers within malignant melanoma