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Division of Affinity Proteomics

The research at the Division of Affinity Proteomics at SciLifeLab is based on the combined activities in Nilsson lab and Schwenk lab. These are focused on the development and utilization of various high-throughput and multiplex assays for profiling and analysis of proteins and autoantibodies in plasma, serum and CSF. The Division of Affinity Proteomics is also host for two SciLifeLab facilities; Autoimmunity profiling and Plasma profiling.

The research in Nilsson lab is aiming for biomarker discovery and validations based on affinity proteomics and mainly explored within neuroproteomics and autoimmunity profiling. This is enabled through various types of protein microarray formats utilizing protein fragments and antibodies from the Human Protein Atlas.

The Schwenk Lab focuses on the development of methods using multiplexed immunoassay systems for the primary purpose of exploring the plasma proteome. The ambition is to contribute to a better understanding of how proteins present in body fluids relate to health and changes due to disease.

Belongs to: Department of Protein Science
Last changed: Jan 09, 2019