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Agnes Axelsson

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About me

Hi! Between June 2018 and November of 2023 I worked as a PhD student at the division of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH). Since 2023, when I defended my thesis, and until the end of December 2023, I worked as a researcher at the same division. My main supervisor was Gabriel Skantze.

I worked with various topics about how social robots can interact and communicate with humans. My focus was figuring out how a scenario where the robot presents differs from open conversation. What do the reactions from the audience, or lack thereof, mean for the robot's presentation? In my PhD thesis, I explore dthese topics and how one can build a presenting system that takes the reactions of the audience into account.


Language Engineering (DD2417), assistant | Course web

Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces (DT2140), assistant | Course web

Project in Conversational Systems (DT2151), assistant | Course web

Sound (DT1175), assistant | Course web

Topics in Social Robotics (FDT3304), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Agnes Axelsson