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Agnes Axelsson

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Hi! I'm a PhD student since June of 2018 at the division of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH). I work work different topics within how social robots can interact and communicate with people. I focus on scenarios where the robot presents, as opposed to a two-sided conversation. What do the reactions, or absence thereof, mean for the audience's understanding of the robot's presentation? This is a large topic, and it touched on both internal models of how the presentation and the user can be structured (2018-2019), how we should interpret the user's multimodal feedback signals (2020), and what I am currently working on -- whether someone's behaviour is an indication of to what extent thye want to, or do not want to, participate in an interaction with the robot, in a more open setting.

Master's thesis supervision

I'm open to supervising master's theses that are directly connected to topics I've worked on - check the publication list on the right of this page for ideas.


Language Engineering (DD2417), assistant | Course web

Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces (DT2140), assistant | Course web

Project in Conversational Systems (DT2151), assistant | Course web

Sound (DT1175), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Agnes Axelsson


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