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An Expert System for the Environmental Impact Assessment method

The EIA-system is advisory and educational concerning how to accomplishing successfully a correct pre-investigation then increasing the probability of a successful project. To handle the end users’, often too large, confidence in the computer systems, emphasis is put on the advising about the possibility of implementing a hydropower scheme and the reliability of the advice is depending on the quality of the background data.

In EIA-system, the logic programming system and the multimedia system are, for the moment, running on the same computer where the multimedia system is usually the invoking system. Therefore, a kind of the subsystem technique is used but it can also use a peer process technique.

The multimedia authoring system, is commanding the logic programming language by sending calls and is waiting for a reply, e.g., start up the logic language, fetch question object, retract object, assert object, evaluate and present conclusion. The logic programming language returns the calls with object names or texts. In some cases, the logic programming language returns an object, which is causing the multimedia system to take action.

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