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Jacob Wahlgren

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About me

My research is focused on next-generation memory in large-scale parallel computing. Advances in this area can expand the possibilities of computing by improving performance and enabling efficient energy use. My work spans from hardware and architecture to operating systems and applications. In particular, I have explored how rack-scale memory pooling can make high-performance computing more efficient and affordable.

I am part of the ScaLab research group led by Prof. Ivy Peng.

My research interests include:

  • Disaggregated memory
  • Tiered memory
  • High-performance computing
  • Computer architecture


  • November 2023: I presented a poster "Exploring Userspace Memory Mapping for RDMA-Enabled Network-Attached Memory" at SC 2023 in Denver, USA.
  • June 2023: Our paper "A Quantitative Approach for Adopting Disaggregated Memory in HPC Systems" was accepted to SC 2023!
  • May 2023: I am honored to receive the Research Poster Award, 2nd place for our poster "HPC Applications on Disaggregated Memory Systems" at ISC 2023!
  • September 2022: Our paper "Evaluating Emerging CXL-enabled Memory Pooling for HPC Systems" was accepted to the IEEE/ACM Workshop on Memory Centric High Performance Computing (MCHPC'22) held in conjunction with SC.


Applied GPU Programming (DD2360), assistant | Course web

Introduction to Visualization and Computer Graphics (DH2320), assistant | Course web

Methods in High Performance Computing (DD2356), assistant | Course web

Operating Systems (ID1200), assistant | Course web