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Jannis Angelis

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Jannis is a Docent / Reader in Operations Strategy at Indek. Prior readings include a PhD in operations management from Cambridge, MPhil in political economy from Cambridge, MA in China studies from SOAS, Cert in medical innovation from Oxford, and MSc in international relations from Stockholm.

Exploring the space where technology meets management, the research has explored operational flexibility at P&G at Cambridge (Judge Business School), strategy at Harvard (HBS), flexibility and productivity in knowledge-intensive firms at Stanford (Dep of Economics) and Berkeley (Haas School of Business), the human side lean at Cambridge (Dep of Engineering, Institute for Manufacturing), high performance organisations in aerospace at Oxford (Said Business School) and MIT (Engineering Systems Division).

With previous teachings at Cambridge, Warwick and Stockholm, Jannis was a country champion on teaching excellence at Oxford university’s education society. He has also been a researcher at IFN Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Professor of Digitalisation at the Gunilla Bradley Centre.

Professional roles include work on export processing zones at the ILO (UN), associate director in a venture capital firm in London, director of a niche consulting firm, and international consultant at ITC (WTO/UNCTAD).

Academic output has in brief been 40-odd journal articles, 5 books, 13 book chapters, over 200 articles in conference proceedings and others writings, many invited academic, policy and business related talks, supervised nine PhDs and 400 student projects, awarded €1,4m in grants, led three major research projects, advised on policy and assessed EU and national grants, while collecting four teaching awards and eight research awards in the process including the international lean and operational excellence Shingo Prize and the Skinner and Voss best papers awards.

With an interest in strategies and operational capabilities for sustainable competitiveness, current research explores:

  • Business models and technologies to manage EV battery material scarcity

Raw materials and components are becoming increasingly scarce, necessitating greater control over materials and their later recycling, as well as an extended reuse second life stage. The research explores how companies in the EV battery ecosystem can manage the scarcity through new business models and technologies.

  • Realising value through Blockchain 4.0

Strategies and implications of next stage Blockchain, with a shift from current ledger technology to service provision and advanced data management and AI. This goes beyond the more simplistic form of blockchain (1.0) use for improved transparency to value added services through smart contracts, daps, and data analysis and access across the business ecosystem.

A Vinnova funded project is ongoing together with Elias Ribeiro da Silva () and Odette on blockchain use in automotive sector, covering user cases, appropriate strategies and roadmaps for managers.

Circle economy after-market opportunities of blockchain adoption is being explored with Cling Systems, a leading initiative to capture value in battery reuse. For more information, contact William Bergh ().

Scoping work is ongoing on the role of technology in food production and delivery, with a focus on information sharing and use in the food ecosystem can drive innovation and effectiveness.

  • Algorithmic / data-driven management

Performance management systems and measures in a rapidly changing environment. This data-driven performance management covers automated or machine self-learning managerial functions of operations or staff. This includes autonomous AI or innovative AI, which goes beyond linear automatization/robotics such as moving from RPA to CPA or IPA.

Together with Jonatan Sahlin () investigate dynamic and fast changing performance systems with emphasis on data based strategies and decision making at large multi-departmental organizations.

With Viktor Holgren () explore decisions under uncertain conditions based on data driven performance systems at a hospital during the current covid-19 pandemic.

  • Service strategies

Operations and strategies to increase competitiveness, primarily in professional service firms and other knowledge intensive settings. Co-authored a textbookService Operations Managementin 2019 which emphasizes the role and impact of digitalisation to theories and concepts, which is typically lacking in textbooks and is desperately needed in the modern era.

  • Change management for sustainable and digital transformation

Explores how change is achieved under conditions of uncertainty, such as the current pandemic or drive towards sustainability, where required actions and decisions may be less apparent. Focus is on systematic use of various approaches for successful long term change, using data driven behavioural tools such as gamification. Both management and staff perspectives and roles are explored to ensure adoption.

The research is conducted with psychologist Anna Russberg, and insights for managers presented in the bookCarrot or Stick. (Piska eller morot: Studentlitteratur, 2018). For further information on how we can help your organisation, contact me or Anna (


Degree Project in Mechatronics, First Cycle (MF133X), teacher | Course web

Operations and Supply Chain Strategy (ME2065), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Research Frontiers in Industrial Management (ME2323), teacher | Course web