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Jinshan Pan

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Om mig

Ongoing and recent research projects

VR project (collaboration with ESS, Lund univeristy, 2023-2027): Revealing Hydrogen Embrittlement of Alloys in Real Time (ReHEART)

VR project (2022-2026): Holistic fundamental understanding of hydrogen-microstructure interactions in duplex stainless steel to combat hydrogen embrittlement

SSF Industrial Doctoral Student Project (collaboration with Sandvik Materials Technology, 2020-2025): Stability of passive film on advanced Ni-base alloys

Formas Project (collaboration with Luleå technical niveristy, 2022-2024): Turning shortcomings of lignin to advantages for green anti-corrosion and anti-wear coatings

VR infrastructure project (collaboration with Lund univeristy, 2021-2024): In situ surface sensitive X-Ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy as a new tool for corrosion studies of passive films in steels and recycled aluminum alloys

Vinnopva project (2022-2023): Reveal H-induced cracking in duplex stainless steel by neutron and x-ray diffraction and imaging

Vinnova project (collaboration with Uddeholms AB, 2020-2022): Analysis of passive films of advanced tooling alloys by synchrotron X-ray photoelectron techniques

NKS-R project (collaboration with VTT, 2019-2021): Corrosion of copper in sulphide containing environment: the role and properties of sulphide films

STINT project (collaboration with Tsinghua university, 2019-2021): Development of smart functional nano-composite coatings with bio-inspired and 2D materials

VR project (2016-2020): Understanding passivity and breakdown of advanced alloys through combined local electrochemical probing and synchrotron-based analyses

VR RÅC project (collaboration with Lund university, Chalmers university, Hamburg university, Giessen Unversity, 2016-2020): In situ high energy diffraction from electrochemical materials


Biomedicinska material (KD2300), examinator, kursansvarig | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom kemi, avancerad nivå (KD200X), examinator | Kurswebb

Projekt i kemi (KD2905), examinator | Kurswebb

Projekt i kemi (KD2910), examinator | Kurswebb

Termodynamik (KE1160), lärare | Kurswebb