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Josefin Larsson

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I am an Associate Professor of Astrophysics and Deputy Head of the Physics Department at KTH. Before starting at KTH I did my MSc at Lund University, a PhD at the University of Cambridge and a postdoc at Stockholm University. I am a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and a member of the Young Academy of Sweden

My main research interests are supernovae and their remnants, gamma-ray bursts, and active galactic nuclei. My group is using multiwavelength observations to tackle unsolved problems regarding these phenomena, such as the explosion mechanism and properties of relativistic jets.   

One of my favourite objects of study is the nearby Supernova 1987A.  Here is a popular science introduction (in Swedish) to this research. 


Astroparticle Physics (SH2204), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Astrophysics, Advanced Course (SH2403), teacher, course responsible | Course web

Degree Project in Physics, Second Cycle (SH204X), examiner | Course web

Introductory Astronomy for Engineers (SH1003), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Project Work in Physics (SI2800), examiner | Course web

Profile picture of Josefin Larsson