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Victor Kimberg

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I am a theoretician in atomic, molecular, optical physics and spectroscopy. My research interest is focused on studies of ultrafast processes related to light-matter interaction with emphasis on the dynamics induced by short-wavelength (VUV and x-ray range) radiation propagating in molecular media using various x-ray spectroscopies. A part of my research is devoted to studying of nonlinear processes in soft x-ray range. More details can be found at Research activities.

  • Keywords: X-ray spectroscopy, ultrafast nuclear dynamics, core excitation and ionization, resonant X-ray scattering, synchrotron radiation, X-ray free electron laser, X-ray pump-probe spectroscopy, free molecules and molecular clusters.
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Resonant X-ray scattering

Special Issue "Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy"

Molecules Special Issue


Physical Biochemistry (KD1500), teacher | Course web

Programming in Python (BB1000), teacher | Course web