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Matti Kaulio

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About me

Matti Kaulio is Professor in Industrial management with specialization in leadership and organization.

He is well known for his work on “leadership in special situations” often based on the Critical Incident Technique (CIT).

Matti has written two books and published his research in Creativity and Innovation Management, European Management Review, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Project Management, Journal of Management and Organization, Project Management Journal and R&D Management. He has extensive research supervision experience and experience in leading industrial collaborative projects.

He holds a M. Sc in Engineer Physics and Ph D in Technology Management and Economics, both from Chalmers. During 2014-2015, he was a visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI).

Matti has an extensive experience of leadership in an academic context. He was Head of the Department of Industrial Economics and Organization, 2016-2019, where he developed the department's research focus, increased internationalization and re-organized the units. Prior to that, he held positions as Unit Manager and Program Manager as well as board member in various bodies. In 2020- 2021, he led the Department's  Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).


Challenge-driven Project in Urban Mobility, part 2 (ME2752), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Leading People and Organizations in Different Contexts (ME2163), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Technology-based Venture Realization (ME2623), examiner, course responsible | Course web