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Mark Lange

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About me

Work Experience

  • Professionally active in commercial and industrial sectors as a design engineer and project leader since 1976
    • North America; 1976-1990, 2006-2010
    • Scandinavia; 1990-2006, 2012-present
    • Asia; 2010-2012
  • Broad experience with computer systems for design and engineering (CATIA, SolidWorks, CREO, AutoCAD) applied in the development, design and documentation of physical products
  • Consultant in product design and development since 1994
  • University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
    • Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) 2012-present
    • Dalarna University (Sweden) 2004-2007
    • University in Gävle (Sweden) 2003-2004


  • 2001: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2000: Eng.Lic. Computer Support for Design and Manufacturing, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1987: B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
  • 1976: Eisenhower High School, Rialto, CA, USA

Product Experience

  • Mobile systems (motor vehicle, street sweeper, excavator, skid steer loader, bicycle)
  • Currency handling mechanisms and storage security systems for ATM machines.
  • Space flight hardware (deployment mechanisms for solar array booms)
  • Consumer goods (refrigerator, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, clothes washer)
  • Building systems (air handling and cooling, optical connector panels)
  • Telecommunications (base transmission station, mobile telephone, wifi station)
  • Enclosure hardware and mechanisms for surface profiling instruments.

Professional Focus and Expertise

  • Applied mechanical design engineering
  • Early product concept design and development
  • Module Design and Product Platform Development
  • Product design and development processes
  • Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks, Creo, Catia, Inventor)
  • Product design specification
  • Program Management


  • Applied module and machine design
  • Semiosis and sign semiotics in communication and design
  • Documentation and specifications in design processes

Personal Interests

  • Analogue photography; I have a small camera collection that I use to take pictures and I develop my own film (B&W, C41 and E6). Photography styles; Urban Architecture.
  • Lego; I collect Lego and build stuff to explore my creativity.
  • Long distance bicycling. I often ride to work in Södertälje, which is a 25km trip one way.
  • I have three adult children. I am married for the second time.
  • I am not Swedish. Go figure.


Computer Based Product Development Tools, Basic Course (ML1209), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Computer-aided Mechanical Design, Continuation Course (ML1332), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Degree Project in Innovation and Design, First Cycle (ML102X), examiner, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Mechanical Engineering, First Cycle (ML100X), examiner | Course web

Machine Components (ML1204), course responsible | Course web

Machine Components (ML1206), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Product Development and Design (ML1213), teacher | Course web

Product Development, Project course (ML1343), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web