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Per-Erik Hellström

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My research interests are in semiconductor process technology, especially the heterogeneous integration of materials and devices with Si CMOS technology to augment integrated circuits. More specifically I have together with Ph.D. students developed a double patterning technique that we use to fabricate nanometer-sized transistors. We also study the integration of new materials such as SiGe, Ge, high-k dielectrics, and metal gates. A key objective is to develop processes, devices, and circuits for sequential 3D integration in future CMOS technologies. I lead the work on KTH's FDSOI CMOS process and circuit technology, which is the baseline for the research on the integration of new materials and devices with CMOS electronics.

I manage the Si and SiC process line in the Electrum Laboratory with responsibility for the maintenance of tools, uptime, process control, upgrades, and future tool investments.

I teach courses in electrical circuits, semiconductor devices, and process technology at the Bachelor and Master levels.


Electrical Principles (IF1330), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Embedded Electronics (IE1206), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Nanofabrication Technologies (IH2659), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Research Methodology and Scientific Writing for Nanotechnology (IL2231), teacher | Course web