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Sanna Kuoppamäki

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I am an Assistant professor in Technology in Health Care, with a PhD in sociology and experience in interdisciplinary research in medical engineering and human-computer interaction in the design and development of user-centric digital technologies for health and wellbeing.

My research interests are derived from the adoption, use and implementation of digital technologies in the everyday life of users, such as older adults, young adults, care providers and patients in health care.

My research aims to understand user’s needs, skills and intentions and detect the mechanisms of care provision to optimise care delivery in a patient-centric way. I am interested in developing digital health interventions for physical and mental wellbeing to support behavioural change and healthy lifestyles among different user groups. I am experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, visual elicitation methods, video recordings and interested in developing participatory design of medical technologies in health care.

Recently, I have investigated digital home care systems supporting the wellbeing and ageing-in-place for older adults, and the design of digital kitchen technologies from the user-centric perspective as a part of human-robot interaction. I have also investigated the public procurement of welfare technology to increase the implementation of health systems in home care, by developing a framework for procurement competence.

I teach qualitative research methods for medical engineers, and a market and need analysis, customer segmentation and procurement policy as part of innovation process.

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Entrepreneurship in Technology and Health (CM2008), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Industrial Marketing (HU1801), teacher | Course web

Sociocultural Perspectives to Innovative Technologies (CM2010), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Profile picture of Sanna Kuoppamäki


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