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Div. Soil and Rock Mechanics - Publications 2016

Journal papers

Bjurström, H., Gudmarsson, A., Ryden, N. and Starkhammar, J. (2016) Field and laboratory stress-wave measurements of asphalt concrete. Construction and Building Materials 126: 508–516.

Dinegdae, Y.H. and Birgisson, B. (2016) Reliability-based design procedure for fatigue cracking in asphalt pavements. Transportation Research Record No 2583: 127–133.

Place, J., Ghafar, A.N., Malehmir, A., Draganovic, A. and Larsson, S. (2016) On using the thin fluid layer approach at ultrasonic frequencies for characterising grout propagation in an artificial fracture. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science 89(2016): 68-74.

Spross, J., Johansson, F., Uotinen, L. and Rafi, J.Y. (2016) Using observational method to manage safety aspects of remedial grouting of concrete dam foundations. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 34(5): 1613–1630.

Ignat, R., Baker, S., Liedberg, S. and Larsson, S. (2016) Behavior of braced excavation supported by panels of deep mixing columns. Canadian Geotechnical Journal 53(10): 1671-1687.

Ghafar, A.N., Mentesidis, A., Draganovic, A. och Larsson, S. (2016) An experimental approach to the development of dynamic pressure to improve grout spread. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 49(9): 3709–3721.

Shahri, A.A., Larsson, S. and Johansson, F. Updated relations for the uniaxial compressive strength of marlstones based on P-wave velocity and point load index test. Innovative Infrastructure Solutions, DOI: 10.1007/s41062-016-0016-9.

Krounis, A.,  Johansson, F. and Larsson, S. (2016) Shear strength of partially bonded concrete-rock interfaces for application in dam stability analyses. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 49(7): 2711–2722.

Prästings, A., Müller, R. and Larsson, S.  (2016) Multivariate approach in reliability-based design of a sheet pile wall. Transportation Geotechnics 7: 1-12.

De Frias Lopez, R., Ekblad , J and Silfwerbrand, J. (2016) Resilient properties of binary granular mixtures: A numerical investigation. Computers and Geotechnics 76: 222–233.

Bjurström, H. and Rydén, N. (2016) Detecting the thickness node frequency in a. concrete plate using backward wave propagation. Journal of Acoustical Society of America 139(2): 649-657.

De Frias Lopez, R., Silfwerbrand, J., Jelagin, D. and Birgisson, B. (2016) Force transmission and soil fabric of binary granular mixtures. Géotechnique 66(7): 578–583.

Draganivic, A. and Lagerblad, B. (2016) Filtration of silica particles from a low-pH cementitious grout. Construction & Building Materials 105: 29-34.

Johansson, F. (2016) Influence of scale and matedness on the peak shear strength of fresh, unweathered rock joints. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 82: 36–47.

Shahri, A.A. (2016) Assessment and Prediction of Liquefaction Potential Using Different Artificial Neural Network Models: A Case Study. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 34(3): 807-815.

Shahri, A.A. (2016) An Optimized Artificial Neural Network Structure to Predict Clay Sensitivity in a High Landslide Prone Area Using Piezocone Penetration Test (CPTu) Data: A Case Study in Southwest of Sweden. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 34(2): 745–758.

Dinegdae, Y.H. and Birgisson, Björn. (2016) Reliability-based calibration for the mechanics based fatigue cracking design procedureRoad Materials and Pavement Design 17(3): 529-546 .

Müller, R., Larsson, S.  and Spross, J. (2016) Multivariate stability assessment during a staged construction. Canadian Geotechnical Journal 53(4): 603-618.

Palmén, A., Price, G., Axelsson, M. and Larsson, S. (2016) A laboratory study on low temperature calcite preparation in well graded sand using CIPS. Proceedings of the ICE - Ground Improvement 169(1): 36-41.

Bjurström, H., Ryden, N., and Birgisson, B. (2016) Non-contact surface wave testing of pavements: comparing a rolling microphone array with accelerometer measurements. Smart Structures and Systems 17(1): 1-15

Popular Scientific Articles

Stefan Larsson, Johan Spross, William Bjureland och Razvan Ignat. (2016) Tar husbyggare geoteknisk säkerhet på allvar? Samhällsbyggaren 2016(3): 30-31.

Johan Spross, Lars Olsson, Staffan Hintze och Håkan Stille. (2016) Geotekniska risker kan hanteras bätt. Bygg & teknik 1/16.

Anders Prästings. Stefan Larsson och Rasmus Müller. (2016) Sannolik besparing av spont. Bygg & teknik 1/16.

Ali Nejad Ghafar, Anastasios Mentesidis, Almir Draganovic och Stefan Larsson. (2016) Ett nytt sätt att förbättra inträngningsegenskaperna hos cementbaserat injekteringsbruk med momentant varierande tryck. Bygg & teknik 1/16.

Conference papers

Wersäll, C. and Larsson, S. (2016) Influence of force ratio and frequency on vibratory surface compaction. Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development – Geotec Hanoi 2016.

Bjurström, H., Gudmarsson, A., Ryden, N., and Starkhammar, J. (2016) Comparative seismic laboratory and non-contact field measurements of asphalt concrete. 2016 Structural Materials Technology Paper Summaries / [ed] American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Onifade, I., Dinegdae, Y.H. and Birgisson, B. (2016) Hierarchical Approach for Fatigue Cracking Performance Evaluation in Asphalt Pavements. The inaugural meeting of the Transportation Research Congress (TRC).

Dinegdae, Y.H. and Birgisson, B. (2016) Effect of traffic loading on predicted pavement fatigue life. 8th RILEM International Conference on Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Pavements, Vol. 13 of the series RILEM Bookseries, 389-395.

Kardan, C., Viking, K., Nik, L. and Larsson, S. (2016) Influence of operator performance on quality of CPTu results. Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting, Reykjavik, 153-158.

Rafi, J.Y., Johansson, F. and Stille, H. (2016) Choice of Pumping Pressure in Pre-Grouting in Scandinavian Tunneling Projects. In Proc. of the The annual World Tunnel Congress (WTC), San Francisco.

De Frias Lopez, R., Ekblad, J. and Silfwerbrand, J. (2016) Numerical Study on Permanent Deformation of Gap-graded Granular Mixtures. Proc. of the Third Int. Conf. on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, Civil-Comp Press, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Dinegdae, Y.H. and Birgisson, B. Reliability based design procedure for fatigue cracking in asphalt pavements. Presentation at the TRB annual meeting in January 2016.

Books, theses and reports

Johansson F, Bjureland W, Spross J. (2016) Application of Reliability-based Design Methods to Underground Excavation in Rock, BeFo Report 155, Rock Engineering Research Foundation, Stockholm.

Yared H Dinegdae. (2016) Mechanics-based Design Framework for Flexible Pavements. TRITA-JOB. PHD, , ISSN 1650-9501: 1024.

Ricardo De Frias Lopez. (2016) Granular Materials for Transport Infrastructures: Mechanical performance of coarse–fine mixtures for unbound layers through DEM analysis. TRITA-JOB. LIC, ISSN 1650-951X; 2032

Johan Spross. Toward a reliability framework for the observational method. TRITA-JOB PHD, ISSN 1650-9501; 1023.

Marie Westberg Wilde and Fredrik Johansson. (2016) Probablilistic model code for concrete dams. Energiforsk, Report 2016:292.

Carl Wersäll (2016) Frequency Optimization of Vibratory Rollers and Plates for Compaction of Granular Soil. TRITA-JOB PHD, ISSN 1650-9501; 1022

Alexandra Krounis (2016) Sliding stability re-assessment of concrete dams with bonded concrete-rock interfaces. TRITA-JOB PHD, ISSN 1650-9501; 2031.

Ali Nejad Ghafar (2016) An Experimental Study to Measure And Improve the Grout Penetrability. TRITA-JOB. LIC, ISSN 1650-951X ; 2030.

Mwajuma Ibrahim Lingwanda (2016) Geotechnical Uncertainties: Quantification and Consequences in Predicting Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Sandy Soil. PhD (Civil Engineering) Thesis, University of Dar es Salaam.

Mas Ivars D, Johansson F, Ghazal R, Sánchez Juncal A, Batres Estrada R. (2016) A Case study of the Odenplan Station in the Stockholm City Link Project - Analysis of in situ stresses and observed ground behaviour. BeFo report 139, Rock Engineering Research Foundation, Stockholm.

Anders Prästings (2016) Aspects on probabilistic approach to design: From uncertainties in pre-investigation to final design. TRITA-JOB. LIC, ISSN 1650-951X ; 2029

Ali Nejad Ghafar, Almir Draganovic, Stefan Larsson (2015) An experimental study of the influence of dynamic pressure on improving grout penetrability. Rock Engineering Research Foundation, BeFo Report 149, Stockholm.

MSc theses

Patric Hanke och Johan Matini. Pressometer - En in-situ metod för svenska friktionsjordar.

Thomas Thorbjörnson Lind. Rockfalls from rock cuts beside Swedish railroads – A full scale field test to investigate rockfalls and ho the block bounce.

Karima Ghyate Forsberg and Rogin Ramak. Discrete element modellingo of the unbound layer for slab tracks – Degradation of granular materials.

Rasmus Ahlund & Oscar Ögren. Pore pressures and settlements generated from two different pile drilling methods.

Angelica Alamaa. High-speed railway embankments – a comparison of different regulations.

Diego Alcalá Perales. Spatial variation in uplift pressure and correlation with rock mass conditions under two buttress dams - A case study of Ramsele and Storfinnforsen dams.

Daniélle Holm. Influence of strain rate in CRS tests: A laboratory study of tree Swedish clays.

Malin Sandström. Numerical Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis of Tunnel Deformations in London Clay.