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Div. Soil and Rock Mechanics - Publications 2024

Journal papers


Ahmadi, A., Wersäll, C. and Larsson. Impact of particle arrangement and model dimensions on DEM modeling of high-speed railway ballasted tracks in 2D and 3D. Transportation Geotechnics 47: 101272.


Gonzalez-Fern, M.A., Estévez-Ventosa, X., Pérez-Rey, I., Alejano, L.R. and Masoumi, H. (2024) Size effects on strength and deformability of artificially jointed hard rock. International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences 176 (2024) 105696


Gui, JY., Alejano, L.R., Cano, M., Javier Arzúa, J. and Pérez‑Rey, I. (2024). Analytical and experimental studies on toppling behavior of blocks misaligned with the slope face. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 83, 153.


Abbaszadeh Shahri, A., Shan, C., Larsson, S. and Johansson, F. (2024) Normalizing large scale sensor-based MWD data: An automated method toward a unified database. Sensors 24(4): 1209. 


Samuelsson, I., Spross, J. and Larsson, S. (2024). Integrating life-cycle environmental impact and costs into geotechnical design. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability 177(1): 19-30.


Pérez-Rey, I., Muñiz-Menéndez, M., Frühwirt, T., Konietzky, H., Jacobsson, L., Perras, M., Atefi-Monfared, K., Mas Ivars, D., Sánchez-Juncal, A., Alejano, L.R. (2024) Assessment of direct tensile strength tests in rock through a multi-laboratory benchmark experiment. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (2024).

7.     Olsson, E., Jegalin, D., Larsson, S., and Chen, F. (2024). A numerical framework for modelling settlements of railway ballast layers. Transportation Geotechnics 44: 101140.


Mohammadi, M., Spross, J., and Stille, H. (2024) Models to analyze risk in time and cost estimation of tunneling projects. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 42: 1445–1457.


Bismut, E., Cotoarbă, D., Spross, J., and Straub, D. Optimal adaptive decision rules in geotechnical construction considering uncertainty. Geotechnique, Ahead of Print.


Damasceno, D. R., Spross, J., Johansson, F. (2024) Reliability-based design tool for gas storage in lined rock caverns. Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards 18(2): 410-422.


Libby, S., Hartley, L., Turnbull, R., Cottrell, M., Bym, T., Josephson, N., Munier, R., Selroos, J.-O., & Mas Ivars, D. (2024). Exploring the impact of fracture interaction on connectivity and flow channelling using grown fracture networks. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 57(1): qjegh2023-010.


Cristóbal, A., Rigueira, X., Pérez-Rey, I., Estévez-Ventosa, X., Pazo, M., Napoli, M.L., Currás, B.X. and Alejano, L.R. (2024) Automatic Characterization of Block-In-Matrix Rock Outcrops through Segmentation Algorithms and Its Application to an Archaeo-Mining Case Study. Geosciences 14, 29.


Popular scientific articles


Bergholm, A., Rydhäll, E., Johansson, F. och Larsson, S. (2024) Tunnelbyggande vid partiell bergtäckning. Bygg & Teknik Nr. 1/24: 20-23.


Ozims, N., Risberg, S., Beijer Lundberg, A. och Larsson, S. (2024) Tjällaster – ett svåruppskattat problem. Bygg & teknik Nr. 1/24: 28-31.


Conference papers published/accepted


Cannizzaro, C., Beijer-Lundberg, A., Larsson, S. and Spross, J. (2024) On the probability of boulder encounter for piles driven in glacial till, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization Barcelona.


Spross, J., Grasmick, J. and Papaioannou, I. (2024) Toward probabilistic ground models for time and cost estimation of tunnel projects. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization Barcelona.


Ahmadi, A., Wersäll, C., and Larsson, S. (2024) DEM simulation of long railway tracks through utilizing periodic boundaries. 6th Itasca Symposium on Applied Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics, Toronto, Canada.


Dyberg, J., Johansson, F. and Westberg Wilde, M. Influence of uplift on the probability of sliding failure for concrete buttress dams. Symposium “Dams for People, Water and Environment and Development” – 92nd ICOLD Annual Meeting, New Delhi, India 29 Sept. - 03 Oct. 2024


Hafstad, E., Waldheim, G., Beijer Lundberg, A. and Larsson, S. The use of LCA in a slope stability study for a quay remediation assessment. XVIII ECSMGE 2024, August, Lisbon, Portugal.


Håård, A., Johansson, J., Viking, K. and Larsson, S. Evaluation train induced ground vibration boom with Vibtrain. XVIII ECSMGE 2024, August, Lisbon, Portugal.


Lundberg, A-B., Brinch, M., Stigenius, K. Alderman, A. and Larsson, S. Modelling the permeability of a jet-grouted cut-off wall. 19th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting – Gothenburg 2024.


Stener, J., Ebenhardt, D. Beijer-Lundberg, A. And Larsson, S. Design methods for short slender steel piles in clay. 19th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting – Gothenburg 2024




Shan, C., Shahri, AA., Larsson, S. and Johansson, F. (2024). Automated MWD data processing and unified database building (Automatiserad MWD databehandling och uppbyggnad av en enhetlig database). BeFo Report 242, Rock Engineering Research Foundation. R 242 (


Mohammadi, M. (2024) Risk Management in Tunneling Projects: Estimation and Planning. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-ABE-DLT ; 248, Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2024


Book reviews


Spross, J. 2024. Book Review: “Uncertainty, Modeling, and Decision Making in Geotechnics. Edited by Kok-Kwang Phoon, Takayuki Shuku, and Jianye Ching. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press (an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group), 2024. 502 pp. ISBN: 978-1-032-36749-1 (hbk), ISBN: 978-1-032-36750-7 (pbk), ISBN: 978-1-003-33358-6 (ebk)”. Structural Safety, 109, 102455. DOI:


MSc theses


Rooh Angiz Alamarvdashti.LCA and LCCA in geotechnical engineering design in a road construction. MSc thesis.


Staffan Norrthon Risberg and Naima Ozims. Vinnare av Svenska Geotekniska föreningens pris för bästa examesarbete 2024.


Deborah Nasoz. Incorporating horizontal hydraulic conductivity from dissipation tests in settlement calculations.