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Timos Karpouzoglou

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About me

My research is focused on urban water infrastructure and is informed by social sciences and the humanities. I have carried out in-depth water research in diverse socio-political contexts in part of South Asia, East Africa and Latin America.  During this time I have also held research positions at Wageningen University & Research, the Stockholm Resilience CentreSPRUand the STEPS Centre, at University of Sussex.

I primarily focus on the socio-technical character of water systems, actor relationships with water systems, and the urban political ecologies of water infrastructure.

I have led research and collaborations with various academic partners within Sweden and in other countries through a range of research projects. I currently lead the project NATURE that explores nature-society relations through urban water infrastructure collaborating with art institutions and university partners, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. I have recently completed the project WaterFlow awarded to Formas Future Research Leaders, where I led research on conflict(s) and cooperation between formal and informal urban water regimes in Asia and Africa. I have further acted as co-investigator for the SEQWENS project which was a strongly interdisciplinary endeavour involving KTH researchers, the Swedish public and private sector partners exploring sustainability and equity of water and energy systems during actor-driven disruptive innovation in Sweden, also financed by Formas.

I am an active collaborator of the KTH WaterCentre at which I have also previously been involved with as Research Coordinator. I teach courses at KTH on topics including energy and water systems, political ecology and water management.


Energy Systems in Society (AK2207), teacher | Course web

Energy Systems in Society (AK2209), teacher | Course web

History of Science and Technology (AK1202), assistant | Course web

Swedish Society, Culture and Industry in Historical Perspective (AK1213), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Water Systems in Society (AK2215), course responsible | Course web