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Elias Alfredo Zea Marcano

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Assistant professor



About me

I am an assistant professor of engineering acoustics at The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for Sound and Vibration Research (MWL). My research interests span from theoretical to experimental methods, with a strong focus on sparse signal processing, harmonic analysis, and data-driven methods.

I am a reviewer in several international journals of acoustics, vibrations, and signal processing: The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America; Journal of Sound and Vibration; Applied Acoustics; EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing; Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing; Acta Acustica; Noise Control and Engineering Journal; Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control. I am a Guest Editor in the Journal of Theoretical and Computational Acoustics.


Ongoing research

  • Sparse representations of wave fields in unified space-time

  • Measurement of sound absorption of finite absorbers with deep learning

  • Sound generation mechanisms in physiological flows

  • Sustainable aviation with applications to noise, air-traffic management, and drones

My research is financially supported by the Swedish Research Council and the European Commission.

Selected publications

  1. Zea, Laudato, and Andén (2024), "A continuous boostlet transform for acoustic waves in space–time," arXiv:2403.11362.
  2. Zea et al. (2023), "Sound absorption estimation of finite porous samples with deep residual learning,"Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,154(4), 2321–2332.
  3. Zea and Laudato (2021), "On the representation of wavefronts localized in space-time and wavenumber-frequency domains,"JASA Express Letters,1(5), 054801.
  4. Zea, Fernandez-Grande, and Lopez Arteaga (2020), "Separation of rail and wheel contributions to pass-by noise with sparse regularization methods,"Journal of Sound and Vibration,487, 115627.
  5. Zea (2019), "Compressed sensing of impulse responses in rooms of unknown properties and contents,"Journal of Sound and Vibration,459, 114871.

All my publications can be found here.

    Recorded talks

    Supervised students

    • L. Emmerich, MSc internship, KTH / TU Munich / UFSM (2024).
    • P. Aste, MSc thesis, KTH / UFSM / DTU / Siemens / NTNU (2024).
    • M. Kulbay, MSc thesis, KTH / Structor (2024).
    • A. Meroli, MSc thesis, University of Trento / KTH / Aritco Lift (2024).
    • R. Åhrling, A. Strömhall, BSc thesis, KTH / Delta Akustik (2024).
    • J. Ling, MSc thesis, KTH / Zound Industries (2023).
    • E. Waara Ankarstrand, M. Wörman, BSc thesis, KTH / Stiga (2023).
    • O. Lundin, MSc thesis, KTH / Siemens / NTNU (2022).
    • F. Vernersson, MSc thesis, KTH / Delta Akustik (2022).
    • M. Vourakis, Ph.D. thesis, Chalmers / KTH / Volvo, (2021–).
    • R. Vestman, M. Westberg, BSc thesis, KTH / Astrid Education (2021).
    • P. Gräsberg, V. Söderlund, Individual project SD2101, KTH / ACAD (2020).
    • J. Chow, E. Kouamé, BSc thesis, KTH / Scania (2020).
    • A. G. Cairelli, MSc thesis (cosupervisor), Polytechnic University of Milan (2020).
    • G. Eriksson, Individual project SD2102, KTH (2019).
    • T. van Loon, BSc traineeship, Technical University of Eindhoven / ABB (2018).
    • V. Reyes, MSc thesis, University of York (2016).
    • L. Manzari*, MSc thesis, KTH (2014).

    *Awarded "Best MSc Thesis" by the Swedish Acoustical Society in 2015.

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    Building Acoustics and Community Noise (SD2166), teacher | Course web

    Degree Project in Technical Acoustics, Second Cycle (SD211X), examiner | Course web

    Experimental Structure Dynamics, Project Course (SD2150), teacher | Course web

    Noise and Vibration Control (SD1120), teacher | Course web

    Signals and Mechanical Systems (SD2125), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web