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RSEM Infrastructure

RSEM Infrastructure comprise the state-of-the-art and base-line EM equipment, located at ITM, CBH and SCI schools.

The infrastructure includes following types of the characterization techniques:

  • SEM: scanning electron microscopy
  • TEM: transmission electron microscopy
  • STEM: scanning transmission electron microscopy
  • FIB: focused ion beam microscopy
  • EDXS: energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy
  • WDXS: wavelength dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy
  • EELS: electron energy loss spectroscopy
  • EBSD / TKD: electron backscatter diffraction / transmission Kikuchi diffraction
  • In situ diffraction studies
  • Ultrafast electron microscopy
  • In situ SEM mechanical testing
  • Environmental, low-/high- vacuum SEM studies
  • EM analysis at elevated at cryogenic temperatures
  • Advanced sample preparation
  • TEM lamella preparation in FIB-SEM
  • Tomography and 3D reconstruction
  • In situ modification and growth in FIB-SEM
  • EBID/IBID: electron-/ion-beam induced deposition
Belongs to: Resource Center for Coordination of Electron Microscopy
Last changed: Oct 05, 2021