KTH Combinatorics Seminar

Stockholm Combinatorics Seminar, KTH

The KTH Combinatorics Seminar is organized by Anders Björner, Petter Brändén, and  Svante Linusson. It usually takes place on Wednesdays, at 10:15 in room 3418, Dept. Mathematics (KTH). Click  here for directions.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to give a talk or propose a speaker.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker Title of talk
Jan. 12 Arvind Ayyer, Indian Institute of Science Alternating Sign Triangles, A new class of objects equinumerous with ASMs
Jan. 18 No seminar  
Jan. 25 No seminar  
Feb. 1 No seminar  
Feb. 8 Per Alexandersson, KTH Colorings and positivity
Feb. 15 Anders Björner, KTH  
Feb. 22 SMC-kollokvium  
Mar. 1 No seminar  
Mar. 8 Martin Henk, TU Berlin Discrete Slicing Problems
Mar. 15 Katharina Jochemko, KTH h*-polynomials of zonotopes
Mar. 22 Oliver Krüger, SU The minimum edge numbers of triangle-free graphs and some related invariants
Mar. 29 Svante Linusson, KTH Reverse juggling and a model on random matrices over a finite field
Apr. 5 SMC-kollokvium  
Apr. 12   -
Apr. 19   -
Apr. 26   -
May. 3   -
May. 10   -
May. 17   -
May. 24   -
May. 31   -
Jun. 7 SMC-kollokvium  
Jun. 14   -

Previous seminars (Fall 2016)

Date Speaker Title of talk
Sep. 14 Karim Adiprasito, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Max Planck Institute Leipzig Positivity in combinatorics
Sep. 21 No seminar  
Sep. 28 No seminar  
Oct. 5 Liam Solus, KTH Ehrhart h*-polynomials and Regular Unimodular Triangulations
Oct. 12 No seminar  
Oct. 19 No seminar  
Oct. 26 No seminar  
Nov. 2 No seminar  
Nov. 9 Gabriele Balletti, SU On the maximal dual volume of a lattice polytope with one interior point
Nov. 17   -

Previous seminars (Spring 2016)

Date Speaker Title of talk
Apr. 13 Nima Amini, KTH Hyperbolic polynomials and matroids
Apr. 20 Afshin Goodarzi, KTH  Obstructions to Codimension One Embedding of Simplicial Complexes
Apr. 27 Colloquium -
May. 4 No seminar -
May. 11 Gleb Nenashev, SU Commutative algebras counting spanning trees and forests of a graph
May. 18 No seminar -
May. 25 Crafoord day -
Jun. 1 Colloquium -
Jun. 8 Volkmar Welker, Philipps-Universität Marburg On the ideal of orthogonal representations of a graph
Jun. 15 TBD -
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