• Examination of the curse is based on a written exam.
  • You need to register for the exam and must do so well in time.
  • It's a closed book exam i.e. no cheat sheets.
  • If you do a re-exam you can answer the questions using Erlang instead of Elixir.
  • The rules of the operational semantics in one page will be an appendix to the exam.

The exam 2019

Previous exams

Below are some exams that have been given in the previous years. Note that the first exams are from the years when the exam was 4.5 credits.The 4.5 credit exam will be given for the last time spring 2018. The first years the course was given in Swedish only.

Same exams but in English

Same exams but now without answers:

The two English versions without answers:

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