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Dates to register for exams during academic year 2020/2021

Dates to register for exams during academic year 2020/2021

Fall Courses (HT-20)

Exam period 1, October 15-23

Registration opens Tuesday September 15 and closes Tuesday September 29, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 1, December 14-17

Registration opens Monday November 16 and closes Monday November 30, 23:59 pm.

Exam period 2, January 7-15

Registration opens Tuesday December 1 and closes Tuesday December 15, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 2, April 6-9

Registration opens Thursday March 4 and closes Thursday March 18, 23:59 pm.

Spring Courses (VT-21)

Exam period 3, March 11-19

Registration opens Tuesday February 9 and closes Tuesday February 23, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 3, June 10-12

Registration opens Tuesday May 11 and closes Tuesday May 25, 23:59 pm.

Exam period 4, May 31– June 8

Registration opens Tuesday April 27 and closes Tuesday May 11, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 4, August 16-28

Registration opens Thursday July 1 and closes Thursday July 29, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam periods

Period 1 re-exams are held in December.

Period 2 re-exams are held in April.

Period 3 re-exams are held in June.

Period 4 re-exams are held in August.

Terminated courses, ie, courses that are no longer being offered at KTH. Students have the opportunity to take re-exams twice per academic year within three years after the course was last offered. 

If no exam is scheduled for a course you are, or have been, registered for, contact the course coordinator (kursansvarig) or your study advisor (studievägledare).

For more information and regulations about examinations please visit this page.