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This overview shows the pages for your programme web. You can also see page permissions (who can read the page) and when the page was last modified. Overview, News feed, and Schedule are automatically created and not shown here.

If you cannot find a page here it may belong to non-selected course rounds/ groups .

More information

These pages are directed to the whole programme and positioned after the Calendar in the menu. Only programme level admins can edit the pages.

Page Can read Last changed
Application for degree certificateEveryone2019-09-06
Approved leave from studies and non-completion of studiesEveryone2019-09-23
Cheating and plagiarismEveryone2021-09-01
Contact information for students with disabilitiesEveryone2019-12-04
Course selection and application for Autumn termEveryone2019-12-04
Course selection and application for Spring termEveryone2019-12-04
Course selection and degreesEveryone2020-04-29
Course sequence 2020/2021Logged in users2020-08-06
Courses outside of the programmeEveryone2019-12-04
Credit transferEveryone2022-10-17
Dates to register for exams during academic year 2020/2021Everyone2020-08-06
Extra examination opportunity at the end of the educationEveryone2021-11-26
How to change a courseEveryone2022-11-03
Information meeting degree project 4 OctoberLogged in users2017-10-05
KTH LibraryEveryone2019-11-19
Master's Degree Project registration formLogged in users2017-10-06
Student Health ServicesEveryone2019-12-20
Student Office for course registration and examinationEveryone2019-12-04
Swedish courses - Autumn termEveryone2019-12-04
Swedish courses - Spring termEveryone2019-12-04
The web registration periods for academic year 2020/2021Everyone2020-08-06
Degree ProjectLogged in users2022-05-18
Degree Project in Urban Planning and Design (AD2EXU)Students2017-10-02
Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning (AG2111X or AG212X)Students2017-11-15
Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development (AL250X and AG280X)Students2017-12-06

Pages for my chosen subgroups

The pages are for subgroups and are seen on the web pages for those who have chosen it (see My Settings). Only administrators can edit the pages.

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Programmme wiki

Wiki pages are directed to the whole programme and placed under the wiki. All students and administrators can edit the pages.

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