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Swedish courses - Spring term


Tuition fee paying students and students on a tuition fee waiver cannot register for more than 30 credits per semester.

For this reason, if you wish to take a language course, you will have to include it as part of the 30 elective credits you can include in your 120 credit degree.

This means you would have to exclude a course from the study plan of your programme so please make sure you think this decision through carefully and discuss this with us beforehand.

 To apply for a Swedish course, please see enclosed document for details.

Application is open between 1-15 November.  All courses have limited spaces and you can only apply for one course code.

Be early and remember that if you apply directly to a course that requires prior knowledge without having taken the previous course you must take the placement test before applying: 

Swedish: https://www.kth.se/larande/sprak/kurser/swe/placement-test-for-swedish-1.183904

Please note that all applications will be tried on an individual basis and that applying does not guarantee that you will be allowed to take the course.

Please also note that according to the President’s decision UF-2012/0301 concerning recommendation on how many credits that a programme student may take, the number of credits that a student may take outside the programme is regulated. A student is not guaranteed more credit than the programme the he/she has been admitted to includes. For example 120 credits for Master’s Programme students.