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Exchange studies

Swap your studies at KTH for a term at one of KTH's exchange universities worldwide!

Exchange studies give you an opportunity to study equivalent courses in a different environment. An exchange term does not prolong your studies – you just spend one term at another university abroad instead. The application for exchange studies opens once a year, from November to mid-December, for the coming academic year.

An exchange experience gives you perspectives on your education and makes you more attractive in the eyes of the employers. It also leads to personal development and often to new friends worldwide.

When can I study abroad?

For students at the master’s programmes, it is possible to study abroad through an exchange during the spring term year 1 or during the autumn term year 2 at the programme.

Please note that students in the Master's programme in Transport, Mobility and Innovation (EIT Urban Mobility) cannot apply for exchange studies.


Some exchange universities are competitive with more applicants than exchange spots. In such cases a selection will be done based on the student’s GPA. You can read more about the application, requirements and selection here.

In the list of exchange universities you can see which GPA was required to get an exchange spot at the university in question previous years. You can see which GPA was required to get one of the school’s own exchange spots previous years here: GPA exchange spots.

Course selection

When you apply for an exchange spot it is important that you have investigated if you can find relevant and interesting courses at the exchange university. You therefore need to investigate the courses offered at the university by searching for courses on the university website.

As guidance in your course selection, there is a course database with information about which courses exchange students from our school have taken at the exchange universities before.

You can read more about the study plan during the exchange studies here.

Do you have questions about exchange studies?

If you have questions about exchange studies you are welcome to contact us at international.exchange@abe.kth.se.