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Lunchmöte med Candela Technology AB

Det innovativa företaget Candela Technology AB kommer till COP27-hubben med et team av chefer och HR-ansvariga för att möta studenter över lunch.

Tid: On 2022-11-16 kl 11.00

Plats: COP27 Climate Hub, Valhallavägen 79

Exportera till kalender

Listen to their strategy of building electric private boats and ferries, for city transport. Fast, clean, no noise and no waves! The city ferries will be tested in Stockholm in the spring of 2023.

The Candela crew will join us 11-14 CET at KTH. And Candelas CEO Gustav Hasselskog will be part of our COP27 broadcast at 12.40 CET.
Welcome to join and have a free lunch, bring your friends!
First come first serve.