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The Interaction lab is an open lab space allowing for work within the field of Interaction design. The lab today is mainly for students enrolled in the HCI master programme, providing means for conducting workshops and other student related work.


Booking the room

What can we book MIDDLA for?

  • Courses
  • Meetings, supervisions
  • Small lectures
  • Workshops
  • Evening events

How long?

  Maximum of 4 hours unless it’s a vacation period.

What if we need more space or silence?

  Be kind to the people already there and:

  • Inform them about the event
  • Allow them to stay if space is available
  • Or ask them to leave and
  • Let them know when the event is expected to be over 

What if we need complete privacy?

  Perhaps MIDDLA might not be the best place! But other rooms down the MIDDLA hallway can be used for such activities. Talk to the TA who will help direct you. 

Student driver’s license

Every course responsible has to make sure that every student has the “driver’s license” for using the equipment at MIDDLA. The TA can help with that and run sessions at the beginning of the respective course
Email kth.middla@gmail.com

Mandatory clean up

Everyone that uses MIDDLA is responsible for cleaning up afterward. If you have a course in MIDDLA, students/organizers must participate in a mandatory clean-up at the end. TAs are on-site and make sure that the students know what to do.


Access is automatically given to faculty and also to students that enroll in certain courses or are studying Media Technology bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

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