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NAVET Book Release Event: Highlights

Snapshots of presenters and performers at NAVET Book Release Event 2024
Publicerad 2024-05-10

Check out our report on our successfully concluded NAVET Book Release Event 2024 here!

Date: April 17, 2024

Location: KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1, 114 28 Stockholm

Link to the NAVET book: NAVET - A hub to navigate to unexplored regions between art, technology and design - Projects 2019-2021 (Roberto Bresin & Ludvig Elblaus, eds.)

NAVET has successfully conducted an event to celebrate the release of the NAVET Book - highlighting the results of projects funded by NAVET over the course of 2019-2021. Researchers whose works had been featured in the book were invited by Roberto Bresin, Director of NAVET, to give a presentation of the work they've done, the results they've got, and the impact of their projects. The audience for the event comprised of curious students, PhD candidates, and professors from NAVET's partner universities.

Researchers who presented their work include Nadia Campo Woytuk ('Biomenstrual'), Helena Westerlind ('Knitting Concrete'), Sandra Pauletto ('The Radio Sound Studio Project'), Lina Person & Anna Björklund ('Transforming Practices'), Henrik Frisk & Erik Natanael Gustafsson ('Browser Chance Music'), Roberto Bresin ('Designing the Sound of the Future'), Miro Sazdic Löwstedt, Meike Schalk, Anette Göthlund ('Cultural Right of Pubblic Access'), Kjetil Falkenberg ('Fictitious Soundscapes'), Ute Besenecker ('Mixing and Matching the Luminous Color Palette'), Cecilia Järdemar & Rob Comber ('Transforming the Colonial Archive'), and Ludvig Elblaus ('Experiencing Presence in a Time of Distance ).

The event also consisted of a memorable performance by SKH cirkus artists Alva Jansson Harju & Lucile Fleurial. Titled Laws of circus - A physics inspired performance, the artists used the medium of cirkus and their creativity to express concepts of fluid mechanics - including interpretations of viscosity and the conservation of mass. The artists also involved members of the audience in an interactive component, and was highly appreciated by the audience.

The book was well received by the audience, and the larger community. Attendees got an opportunity to interact with each other and ask questions during a coffee mingle organised in between the event. The event ended with a Q&A, and feedback session hosted by Roberto Bresin, which touched on topics including NAVET's biggest strongth of its partnerships, ways to strengthen and utilise NAVET's influence, potential student chapters, and ways to tighten integration between researchers across the different partner institutions.  

Check out the performance by the SKH cirkus artists, and snippets of the presentations given by our reseachers on our YouTube Channel!

Reported and Web Update by: Kajol
Documentation and Social Media Presence by : Kajol, Yeji Lee, Roberto Bresin, Akshata Murdeshwar