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Development of Cell Factories for Bioproduction

The overall objective of this program is to develop the next generation platforms for bioproduction in human cells. This is achieved via three strategies:

  • Establishing human platform strains for expression of biologics by perfusion cultivation at high cell densities by engineering of secretion and metabolic pathways
  • Establishing a high-throughput screening method for generation of production clones
  • Establishing a scalable continuous process for perfusion-based expression and purification of human proteins

In this program, selected human cell lines are modified for improved expression, secretion and post translational modifications of biopharmaceuticals. Cell culture perfusion processes using improved human cell lines are developed by mathematical modeling based on metabolic and omics information, aiming for high titers and robust bioreactor behavior.

The program is co-funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and MedImmune (member of the AstraZeneca group).

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Last changed: Aug 25, 2016