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Johan Rockberg

Assistant Professor Johan Rockberg has an undergraduate training as Chemical Engineer with focus on biotechnology and bioinformatics from KTH and the University of Sydney. He defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Methods for generation and characterization of mono-specific antibodies” at KTH in 2008 . Dr Rockberg has been a group leader since 2009 focusing on development of antibodies and since 2013 focusing on methods for strain-development and screening in CHO cells. Apart from this, Dr. Rockberg is a co-founder of Abclon inc. (Korea) and Atlas Therapeutics AB and has held positions as Senior Researcher and Director of Biosynergy at Alligator Bioscience 2013-2014.

Dr Rockberg is project manager for the Bioprocess and development project 1 Difficult to express proteins and project 2 Cell engineering of human cell lines. He was part of setting up the methods behind the WCPR Secretome project and holds a position in the Joint Steering Committee of the project.

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Last changed: Jun 02, 2016